• Kava Lomi at Squarerut
  • Kava Lomi at Squarerut
Kava Drinks

Kava Waka

  • Description

    Kava Waka is a well-balanced strain of kava from Fiji that offers a relaxing and social experience without inducing drowsiness or intoxication. Its gentle and euphoric effects are perfect for unwinding after a long day or catching up with friends. With its dark color and earthy bitter taste, Kava Waka acts as a potent social lubricant that can alleviate social anxiety and promote grounded conversations.

    Depending on the dosage, this versatile strain can lean from stimulating to more relaxing, making it suitable for both daytime and nighttime consumption. It’s highly regarded for its ability to deliver the full spectrum of kava effects and is ideal for both novice and experienced drinkers alike.

    “Waka” is the Fijian word for the lateral roots of the kava plant. This Polynesian word also translates to a “boat” or “canoe”. It is pronounced : wah-kuh.

  • Where to Get It

    Kava Waka is available from both locations!

    On tap at our N. Lamar location in three different sizes: $10 Low Tide (12oz), $13 High Tide (16oz), and $16 Tsunami (20oz). TO GO from the tap is subject to a $1 bottling fee.

    Our Belterra location provides pre-bottled Low Tides (12 oz) without a bottling fee.

    Low Tide Special: 2 for $18

    For more location info, click the BAR HOURS links below.

  • Add-Ons

    • Cinnamon/Honey¬†(+ Free)
    • Coconut Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Oat Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Almond Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Chocolate (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • Vanilla (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • Caramel (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • *Lavender Syrup (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • *Hibiscus Syrup (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • *Cold Brew (2 oz) (+ $1.00)
    • *Kosmic Kombucha (4 oz) (+ $1.25)
    • *Chai (2 oz) (+ $1.00)
    • First time Mango Juice (2oz) (+ Free)
    • Extra Mango (2oz) (+ $0.70)

    *Add-Ons may not be available at all locations and may be priced differently.

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