• Kava Lomi at Squarerut
  • Kava Lomi at Squarerut
Kava Drinks

Special Edition: Grog

  • Description


    $12 for a 12oz bottle

    Indulge in the rich and velvety taste of our specialty Kava Grogs. Made with creamy coconut milk and infused with all three strains of our Noble Kava, these grogs deliver the same euphoric and mouth-numbing experience as our regular kava drinks, but with an extra indulgent twist. And because kava is fat-soluble, our grogs are especially potent, making them a must-try for any kava enthusiast. But hurry, our grogs are made infrequently and with only one flavor available at a time. Ask your server what flavor we may have today.

    OG Grog

    Coconut milk, cinnamon, kava. Simple, lightly sweet, the original.


    Chai Grog

    Our House Chai is blended with the kava infused coconut milk. Zen in a bottle.


    Thai Grog

    Our most popular Grog, made with coconut milk and traditional Thai Tea. Rich, malty, and tropical.


    Mint Chocolate Grog

    Ghirardelli hot chocolate, Doterra peppermint oil, and coconut milk. A festive treat. *Seasonal


    Hawaiian Coffee Grog

    Little City Decaf Coffee cold brewed with toasted coconut, vanilla, and brown sugar mixed with kava infused coconut milk.


    Grog Nog

    Only around during the winter holidays, this special grog is brewed with real eggnog! (Or the vegan version with OatNog) *Seasonal

    Kava is known as “grog” or “yaqona” in Fiji, where it holds a special place in village and social-political life, often being served as a welcome drink.

  • Where to Get It

    You can find our pre-bottled Low Tide (12 oz) for only $12 at both of our locations, without any additional bottling fee.

    Our Kava Grog is a seasonal treat, with only one flavor available at a time. Since we make it infrequently, we suggest you don’t miss out on trying it when it becomes available. To ensure that you don’t miss out on our products, we highly recommend giving us a call ahead of time to either of our locations to confirm its availability for that day.

    Note: Our Kavaristas will only reserve Special Edition kavas same-day and will not hold orders overnight.

    For more location info, click the BAR HOURS links below.

  • Add-Ons

    • Cinnamon/Honey¬†(+ Free)
    • Coconut Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Oat Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Almond Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Chocolate (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • Vanilla (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • Caramel (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • *Lavender Syrup (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • *Hibiscus Syrup (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • *Cold Brew (2 oz) (+ $1.00)
    • *Kosmic Kombucha (4 oz) (+ $1.25)
    • *Chai (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • First time Mango Juice (2oz) (+ Free)
    • Extra Mango (2oz) (+ $0.70)

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