• Kava Lomi at Squarerut
  • Kava Lomi at Squarerut
Kava Drinks

Special Edition: Green Kava – Moi

  • Description

    Experience the unique taste and potent effects of our Green Kava – Moi strain from Hawaii, made from fresh kava root instead of the usual dried and ground kava. The refreshing taste reminiscent of cucumber water and higher kavalactone content makes it a popular choice among kava enthusiasts. This mild heady kava is suitable for everyone, whether you want to unwind or enhance productivity. 

    Its calming effects help reduce stress levels, allowing you to enter productive flow-states or creative mindsets. Relaxation and creativity take over as stress fades, making it an excellent aid for writers, designers, or developers. It is ideal for someone who suffers from social anxiety and wants to feel more comfortable in social situations. Choose Green Moi for a versatile, relaxing, and creative experience! Grab one whenever you need to overcome creative roadblocks or get into a flow state.

    “Moʻi” means King, monarch, or sovereign in Hawaiian. The word is a combination of the word “moʻo,” which refers to succession, and the word “ʻi” meaning supreme, thus the supreme successor. It is pronounced: MOY.
  • Where to Get It

    You can find our pre-bottled Low Tide (12 oz) for only $12 at both of our locations, without any additional bottling fee.

    Our Green Kava – Moi is a highly sought-after product, and we only squeeze it a couple of times a week. To avoid disappointment, we recommend calling either of our locations ahead of time to confirm its availability that day and even pre-ordering to reserve your supply.

    Note: Our Kavaristas will only reserve Special Edition kavas same-day and will not hold orders overnight.

    For more location info, click the BAR HOURS links below.

  • Add-Ons

    • Cinnamon/Honey (+ Free)
    • Coconut Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Oat Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Almond Milk (2 oz) (+ $0.70)
    • Chocolate (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • Vanilla (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • Caramel (2 pumps) (+ $1.00)
    • *Lavender Syrup (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • *Hibiscus Syrup (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • *Cold Brew (2 oz) (+ $1.00)
    • *Kosmic Kombucha (4 oz) (+ $1.25)
    • *Chai (2 oz) (+ $2.00)
    • First time Mango Juice (2oz) (+ Free)
    • Extra Mango (2oz) (+ $0.70)

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