Piper methysticum (kava or kava kava) is a traditional Polynesian root beverage , that has been enjoyed in the Pacific Islands for centuries. Kava is renowned for enhancing relaxation and promoting well-being without causing drowsiness or intoxication.*
Our Kava is carefully sourced from Fiji and Vanuatu and is cold brewed and filtered. Kava has an earthy, peppery flavor, and mouth-tingling numbing sensation.
We recommend 12-16oz (3-4 servings) of Kava to receive it’s calming effects for first-time drinkers. Kava has a “reverse tolerance,” so if you enjoy it often, you might feel its effects with fewer servings. Bula!


What is kava used for?

Kava is used primarily to relax your body and mind. Unlike alcohol, it does not cause intoxication or impairment.

What will I feel when I drink kava?

Immediately after drinking kava, you will feel a slight numbness to your tongue and lips. This is due to two topical analgesics that are active ingredients in the kava root (kavain and dihydrokavain)

When should I drink kava?

Kava can be consumed at anytime of the day since it does not affect one’s mental state.

Is kava addictive?

No. Kava has not been shown to be chemically addictive. It has been used safely for over 3,000 years without any reported withdrawal symptoms.

How much kava do I need to drink to feel the effects?

Everyone has different metabolisms and sensitivity levels so there is no definitive answer. We suggest you drink two (2) shells of kava back to back and then wait approximately 10-15 minutes for your third (3rd) shell. This will help your body break down the enzymes so that the kavalactones will build up in your body. Your body will typically begin to feel the effects of kava in about 15-30 minutes after consumption and will last for approximately 2-8 hours. The first time you drink kava, the effects may only be minimally felt. After about 3 or 4 drinking sessions, the effects will increase. Unlike alcohol where your tolerance builds up, kava is the exact opposite. As more kava is consumed, the effects become greater with less kava.

Can you drink too much kava?

Yes. If you drink too much kava, you will begin to feel sleepy.

Can I drink alcohol with kava?

No. It is not recommended to consume alcohol, or any other impairing substances in conjunction with kava. It is very unhealthy and will make you nauseated.

Who should not drink kava?

Pregnant and nursing women, and children shouldn? t use kava. If you are taking medication or have a chronic condition, please check with your doctor before consuming kava. Teenagers under age 18 need to have a guardian present to be served kava.

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