THE PROGRAM:  3 shells of Kava (12oz)  (*INCLUDES ONE FLAVOR / WAKA)  $10.00

Fiji Strain:   (4 oz)    $5.00 per shell

Waka: Waka is the Fijian word for the lateral roots of the kava plant and is considered a noble Fijian cultivar. Our Waka hits drinkers fast with an inner warmth and mental bliss.

TokFrom the island of Kadavu, this kava starts with an intensely heady effect before shifting into a more robust muscular sedative.

Vanuatu Strains:  (4 oz)  $4.00 per shell

Tanna Marang: Tanna Marang is the kava used for ceremonies on the island. A very well balanced kava whose heady effects are on par with its ability to enhance gravity.

Boroguru: Boroguru kava also offers impressive potency combined with dynamic flavor. Thanks to Boroguru’s mild flavor, this kava drink brews beautifully and makes the perfect beverage for the true kava lover.

Add Flavor: $1.00 (per shell)
(See the board for today’s flavors)

Add The Dragon: $2.00 (per scoop)
(Intensify the feeling with an extra shot of instant Kava)

Ceremony Bowls
20 oz Kava $17.50
40 oz Kava $35.00

Happy Hour
Mondays From: 5pm to 8pm
Kava is ½ PRICE


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