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  • 20 Apr, 2016
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Kava Chocolate – Oh my!

Kava Chocolate is now available at SquareRüt.  It’s rich dark chocolate which is loaded with kavalactones and destined to relax you.  This rich chocolate bar is yet another of the exclusive products you can find at SquareRüt. It’s the perfect sinful guilt food that is sweet and in our case…makes us very mellow when we […]

  • 14 Apr, 2016
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Kava Flavors

One of the things here at SquareRüt Kava that we are excited about is the flavor choices you have when you come here.  Gone are the days when you just had traditional Kava to drink.  Now, we’ve developed flavors, all with the same potency of traditional Kava, but instead of tasting like traditional kava does, […]

  • 24 Mar, 2016
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Time was when Kava was strictly a south sea island drink for ceremonies and celebrations, Around the turn of the century Kava entered the United States commercially. The first  Kava house opened in Boca Raton.   Now some fifteen years later, Kava stores are beginning to open in a few select cities in the country. […]

  • 17 Mar, 2016
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Never heard of kava?

Here’s Why You have never heard of Kava… Kava only grows in the south sea islands.  Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Vanuatu. Perhaps a few other places that we do not know of.  It grows only in certain conditions and on certain locations of the equator, where the humidity, dew point, temperature and sunlight are perfect for […]

  • 16 Mar, 2016
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Kava is the King of Cool

There’s a responsibility with running any bar.  In the Kava bar business it involves teaching people what is cool and what is uncool.  And because Kava is the King of Cool, the rule is to stay cool.  To always be relaxed, but to do it properly and in moderation.  Most of this week, we’ll be […]

  • 14 Mar, 2016
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SXSW Visitors

Well the week is here and SxSW is on its way and along with it, 100,000 people. We are no doubt going to get some of the visitors into our kava house, and when they order a drink, it won’t be anything with alcohol in it. The kava movement is new to the entertainment scene […]