This ones a hard one to write. Prince has died.  His connection to Kava is unknown, but sometimes you have to acknowledge that some people, deserve to be respected over all things.  In this blog, we acknowledge Prince deserves this time and space.

I first saw Prince perform in 1982 when he wore long hair straight hair and before he had recorded Purple Rain.  His vibe he sent to me on the 7th row was magnetic. He was an outstanding entertainer.  And I have read, he was an outstanding friend.

Known for all of the people he helped, both in show business and out, Prince was a man of God who professed that his gifts were a function of God.  Prince was generous with his knowledge and money.

He served as the protege for Vanity 6, Apolonia Kotero as well as Wendy and Lisa…whom he featured in his autobiographical movie “Purple Rain.”  His favorite friends were women as is well known and he loved women not just as sex objects, but as people.

His “journey” as he always referred to it, was one of searching for peace and acceptance.

He sold over one hundred million albums and he was admired across the world for innovation in music and pop culture.

So this blog is submitted out of respect to a great artist who lived the life of luxury, but never forgot how he got there.  He enjoyed peace and love, as those of us involved in the Kava movement do.  And he will be missed forever.  Prince Nelson Rogers.  The innovator.

Prince, the Pop Star.  Prince, the sincere and loving human being who put God first in his life.