Kava Chocolate is now available at SquareRüt.  It’s rich dark chocolate which is loaded with kavalactones and destined to relax you.  This rich chocolate bar is yet another of the exclusive products you can find at SquareRüt.

It’s the perfect sinful guilt food that is sweet and in our case…makes us very mellow when we eat it. And just like the other products that we design and produce here at SquareRüt, it’s completely wonderful.

Available for your pleasure?  Organic Chocolate Crunch Almond, Sea Salt Toffee and Toasted Coconut.  All of our chocolate products are made using 70% cocoa.

We love chocolate; Imagine it with kava inside it.   Drop by and have a shell….then take a chocolate bar home to your sweetie. Can you say Bula?!