One of the things here at SquareRüt Kava that we are excited about is the flavor choices you have when you come here.  Gone are the days when you just had traditional Kava to drink. 

Now, we’ve developed flavors, all with the same potency of traditional Kava, but instead of tasting like traditional kava does, they taste totally like flavored drinks, but with kava potency.

So today,  let’s talk about the Kava Chiller. The Kava Chiller is our SquareRüt brand lemonade. It looks like lemonade and tastes like lemonade, but gives you the effect of drinking traditional kava.   And, it is our exclusive recipe.   Made right here in Austin, when you drink it, you are drinking Kava, but instead of it tasting like traditional kava, the Kava Chiller tastes like well…lemonade.


We also have now the new Purple Martin. It’s designed to pay respect to the purple martin sanctuary here in the Zilker neighborhood.  It looks like a purple kool aid sort of drink. It contains a coconut water base, and the African superfruit baobab. Real fruits and herbs add delicious flavor and more nutrients. It is a kava drink with a flavor added for the person who prefers fruitiness instead of traditional Kava.

In our next blog, we’ll reveal to you a new way to enjoy kava that is in the works, but not known of as of yet.  So thanks for coming to this blog…and expect more kool kava news here from your friends at SquareRut.  

Until we meet again,  always remember how we sign off as they begin to drink each day at four each afternoon in the south sea islands.  Coconut shells are clicked together and then you’ll hear chanted openly …BULA!! ~KB