So as we approach the weekend, we approach the Grand Opening of the Barton Springs location of SquareRüt. This location was years in the making and required more negotiations and labor than anyone could ever imagine.  First came the lease.  This took months.  After it was secured, then the contractors came in and Scott and Tracy, our owners of this nakamal designed a space that is so nice, you’d think you were in something as upscale as Starbucks.  As nakamals’ go, it’s large in size.  980 square feet inside and over a thousand feet of deck outside.  It has all of our kava choices on tap excluding the new flavored feature drinks. 

Drinks like “Kava Chiller” SquareRüt’s exclusive drink design of kava lemonade.  It is sweet and delicious.  Then, there is the Purple Martin.  About the size of a small juice glass in a nice hotel, “The Purple” is loaded with kavalactones and is this writer’s favorite drink in the house.

Chocolate Kava has now been produced and is also loaded to gills with kavalactones. It’s dark chocolate and is delicious and will make you feel remarkable.

Finally, Kava Kandy.  Kava with kavalactones of which is just like any other candy only the key ingredient is kava.  no kidding…kava.

Put all of this together and you have a very distinct display of Kava love.  SquareRüt is the first nakamal in the great state of Texas.  And it is the biggest kava house in the United States.  At present, there are (22) other nakamals in the nation, but SquareRüt is the biggest.  Yep, we’re the biggest.

And to celebrate this achievement, we invite you to come in this weekend starting at 4:00pm on Saturday, April 2nd, to celebrate our Grand Opening.  We’ll have live music and if you’re a rock radio listener, you’ll hear us on KLBJ-FM.  Then radio personality CJ Morgan will be broadcasting from the SquareRüt from 4p-6p this Saturday.

So after literally years of planning and a lot of blood, sweat and Kava, SquareRüt’s flagship nakamal is celebrating it’s grand opening.  Construction is complete, the kava bins are full and we’re ready to drink.

And when you get there and you order your first drink; toast as they do in the south sea islands…say “BULA” to get the party started.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday, April 2nd at 1601 Barton Springs Rd, directly across the street from Austin Java and Uncle Billys.  So c’mon down to Barton Springs and let’s have some kava.  We’re gonna be there for the next (17) years, so that’s plenty of time to learn all about how to “get the Vibe.”  We look forward to seeing you there.