Time was when Kava was strictly a south sea island drink for ceremonies and celebrations,

Around the turn of the century Kava entered the United States commercially. The first 

Kava house opened in Boca Raton.  

Now some fifteen years later, Kava stores are beginning to open in a few select cities in the country.

SquareRut is Austin’s only kava house and the only one in the state of Texas.

Featured now are new kava products that offer a selection of ways to enjoy this relaxing root from the south pacific.

Here at SquareRut we offer the product of Kava lemonade, and we call it “Chill.”  It was developed in Austin and is sold exclusively by SquareRut.  It is sweet and fruity and full of kavalactones, the active ingredient in kava.  

Other new products which are a departure from the traditional island concoction are chocolate kava, and this is the for person that’s got a sweet tooth but wants to enjoy kava along with chocolate.  Have a look here at the choices on our online store and place an order for a kavalicious experience that is a wide departure from what they south sea islands drink.

We invite you into SquareRut at our new location at 1601 Barton springs road.  It’s a beautifully designed nakamal with personality plus, right in the center of the Zilker neighborhood.  We have traditional kava which we always advise as your first experience.  But if you start coming in more and more, you’ll discover the different  strains of kava that all produce different relaxing experiences.

And always remember, to cheer island style, the word is and has been for 3000 years….Bula.