Here’s Why You have never heard of Kava…

Kava only grows in the south sea islands.  Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Vanuatu.

Perhaps a few other places that we do not know of.  It grows only in certain conditions and on certain locations of the equator, where the humidity, dew point, temperature and sunlight are perfect for the plant to flourish.

For three thousand years, kava, which was named according legend by Captain Cook in the late 1700’s called the root “Kava” which meant intoxicating pepper.

So if your educated and have a college degree, but you still do not know what kava Really is, that is common.  Kava is not well known. It didn’t even arrive in America commercially until around the year 2000.

It’s goal is to relax you and it became a root drink for people of the south seas long before liquor was ever invented in Polynesia.

And we here in America are a very long way from the south sea islands.

So as you learn about kava and you will as time goes on…feel comfortable in knowing you’re in the majority.

But to learn about it first hand, come to SquareRüt, our new kava bar at 1601 Barton Springs Road and as you toast from the coconut shell we serve it in….say as they do …to wish you good cheer…”Bula!”