There’s a responsibility with running any bar.  In the Kava bar business it involves teaching people what is cool and what is uncool.  And because Kava is the King of Cool, the rule is to stay cool.  To always be relaxed, but to do it properly and in moderation.  Most of this week, we’ll be writing to those of you who are visiting from out of town for South by SouthWest.

The first thing to do is to come to a kava environment, ready to relax. We have excellent organic root kava, but you won’t we’re not an all-cure for someone who just got served divorce papers or someone who just learned they have a serious illness. A kava house or a nakamal, is a relaxed chill happy place. We can only accentuate what your desired feelings are.

Don’t expect kava to affect you like weed or a tranquilizer.  It’s not what we do. It’s not what kava is about.  Kava is useful to bring out in you the feeling you are ready to release and need a little nudge to get you there.  So when you come to SquareRut, come with the intent of winding down.  This helps a great deal; if your really experiencing something in your life that’s traumatic, don’t come to SquareRut.  We’re Not that good. 

So plan your trip to the nakamal of SquareRut and expect to be relaxed by drinking kava, but don’t come in depressed, or upset over a lost love and expect our root to help you with your life problems that are deep seated and need an medical doctor. We can relax you, but that’s it. We cannot cure anything. But we can help you feel better than you do…but you have to help us, to help you. To get “the vibe” arrive in the mood to be soothed.  That we can help you accomplish and expect it.

Do not come in having been to a nearby world famous Mexican restaurant intoxicated on margaritas and mix kava. This is not advised.  It’s not safe.

Kava and alcohol do not mix well and if they do, they mix too well.  In public is no place to experiment with kava and alcohol.  The combination is not known to be lethal, but it is too much stimulation.

Do come to the SquareRut Kava bar ready to chill and enjoy conversation and expect a happy time.  Do come and expect to feel a vibration from the place that is unique. And above all, do come to drink kava with in the right frame of mind.  We’re not a counseling center.  We’re a nakamal and we drink kava the way they do in the south pacific.  

So welcome to Austin and when you come to SquareRut, ask your Kavarista for a low tide or a high tide and ask what to expect. They’ll tell ya.

And shortly thereafter you too will be saying…Bula!