Well the week is here and SxSW is on its way and along with it, 100,000 people.

We are no doubt going to get some of the visitors into our kava house, and when they order a drink, it won’t be anything with alcohol in it.

The kava movement is new to the entertainment scene and meshes well with soft chill music, jazz, easy goin’ solo acts and intellectual people.

For those of your visiting Austin and this site, remember, we are a Kava house and we love the musical community so we invite you in.

But there will be no hard core rockin’ goin’ on at SquareRut Kava.  The brain and Kava and metal music are not a match.  We’re all about “the vibe,” and the feeling and enjoying life in a calm and captivating way.  And we’re all about island life and we celebrate the drink of the south pacific, Kava.

Chances are, if your reading this, you have never drank Kava.  Seriously, the chances are high that you never have.  It’s a root that soothes the soul and makes ya relaxed.  The kava bar scene is quiet and interesting. The kava bar scene is life from the south pacific transformed into a space of people with things on their mind that don’t involve the big time party scene.

If this peeks your interest, visit us right on barton springs road at 1601.

We’ll serve ya kava in traditional form, or kava in lemonade form and perhaps some other experimental flavors.

This is the new future of entertainment…and we invite you in, for a little bit of island life…right here in Austin.   And as we say before we drink…Bula!