Remember the first time you drank a beer and you felt it immediately?  How about the first shot of tequila you ever slammed?  No delayed reaction right?  With kava, it’s different, and we call it “The Vibe.”   

To experience “The Kava Vibe,”  you have to accept up front, the first time you drink, you might feel very little. Then, as you drink more, you then begin to experience a set of feelings we call “the vibe.”  And from that time forward, you never have to wait again to feel the vibe.

The reason for this is that your brain is locating this organic chemical called a kavalactone, (the active ingredient in Kava).  And to do that, your brain has to recognize and process the unusual organic chemical it is given.  No question unless your from the south Pacific, you have never had this plant chemical in your body before. It sounds sort of metaphysical, but it’s actually physiological.   

So you need to give kava time to work.  And that means you need to let your body “find it.”  And that’s what we call “The Kava Vibe.”  And when you get it, you got it….forever.  Only a first time kava drinker can expect such a delay.

So come to SquareRut to experience  “The Kava Vibe,” and as we always say before you drink…Bula!