Sound.  It is a part of our daily lives. So let’s relate the amount of sound you hear when you go into a lively bar. It’s loud. A football game doesn’t have to be on at all. Alcohol make people louder with they talk loud and are loud when they drink booze. A drinker talks louder, laughs louder and just in general….under the influence of alcohol is louder.

Kava.  Walk inside any kava bar anywhere and the first thing you will notice is how quiet and cerebral it is. Sounds boring, but the first time I did, I noticed that the kava bar environment was similar to a library.  Everything was quiet and cerebral.  That’s what kava does to the brain and to our personalities. It makes us think, it makes us reflect and it relaxes us and takes the edge off.  Kava is a beautiful experience, but when you first come to SquareRut you will immediately notice one thing…it’s quiet.  If a glass fell and broke it would jar the whole place.

People come to SquareRut to relax. They come to talk….not to dance. They come to get on their computers and to think.  And that’s life in a kava bar. Kava is for the person that wants to intellectually Be. So until we see you next time….Bula!