Fijian people are some of the happiest people on earth. They are often well rested and are adamant kava drinkers.  Kava has properties in it that create relaxation and natural deep sleep.  This basic need of good rest is one key reason why it is a theory that Fijians are a such a very happy race of people.

In America, where sleep has much less emphasis, and work is the social drug for success…exhaustion and depression are far more prevalent.  Neurologists attest a body without REM rest is a body in distress.

Danish people are also said to be some of the happiest people on earth.  They believe in life-balance.  Ironically, their diet of fish and seafood is similar to the south sea island cuisine. But they also have cultural customs that promote happiness and long life.  Their edict? A balance of family, friends, food and yes…a great nights’ sleep.

But back to the third world.  When conveniences such as those available in Scandinavia are not available in the south sea islands, kava has been successfully used for longer than time can account to insure rest in rough remote conditions.   The people of the islands are rested, hard working, socially stout and above all…kava drinkers.

There have been no scientific studies of kava and insomnia.

But come to SquareRut and order “A High Tide.”  Drink under the direction of your kavarista for the purpose Of sleep…and see how your night of restfulness goes.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing insomnia a great deal because the author of this blog experiences sleep problems and has for eight years.

So stick with us at SquareRüt, ask questions, and be advised that we too are ambitious Americans with problems that affect our daily lives.  But none of us can achieve anything Unless we sleep well.  So in the name of Kava…perhaps a root from the south sea islands can offer an answer.