Yesterday’s Kava blog drove you to the movie, “Kava, The drink of the gods,” available free by googling.  It told you everything. But there actually is more to learn.

Safe to say though, that movie explained what Kava Is.

But what’s IN Kava?  So glad you asked.

Kava is 43% starch, 20% fiber, 15% kavalactones, (the active ingredient that creates the effect,) 12% water, 3.2% sugar, 3.6% protein and 3.2% minerals.


That’s your pharmacology lesson for today.  It has no fat, no odd debilitating 

ingredients whatsoever.  Kava is just about as organic and organic can be.

After all, no matter what you have heard, Kava is a root that is harvested at four years old.

Throughout this week, we’ll tell you more about what Kava is. And, give you the Very important low-down on root harvest.  “Root harvest” is critical to the effect you feel when your sitting at SquareRut, because it is the root of the plant your drinking.   So keep reading this blog you Kava Kultists…and learn why that beautiful feeling only kava can give…gives it to you anytime you turn that shell up.