While we here in Austin today enjoyed a picture perfect day, six thousand miles away the nation of Fiji is still at an all-stop due to cyclone Winston’s wrath over the weekend. ” what we need now is  food,” said a Family to a reuters news agency reporter. “There is no where to buy food and no crops left to harvest.”  This shortfall of one of life’s basic necessities is poignant to us here at SquareRut because our Waka kava comes from Fiji. “We can go without many things, but food is not something we can do without,” said a family man with three children. The cyclone, which we here in America refer to as a hurricane, packed 180 mile per hour winds when it made landfall over this past weekend. Our hearts and prayers go out to our Fijian brothers and sisters as we say in allegiance…one love, one people…one Fiji.