Ura house

Over the weekend, Cyclone Winston hit the island nation of Fiji as a Category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 180 mph. That’s the strongest cyclone (or hurricane as we call it here in the northern hemisphere) to ever hit Fiji.

If you did not know, when you come to SquareRüt Kava Bar, when you drink the WAKA kava, you are drinking kava that comes from Fiji. We’ve had the pleasure to spend some time at the kava farm and want you to know…..These are good people, simple Polynesian people, who for thousands of years have survived living with virtually no modern luxuries at all. It wasn’t until about fifteen years ago they ever sold kava to the west. But now that they are in business, a  Cyclone like this can wipe out their crop.

We here at SquareRüt are unaware of the exact damage. But stay tuned into this blog and we will let you know. Let your prayers and love thoughts beam all the way across the pacific, because tonite in Fiji, 80% of the Nation’s 900,000 people are without power or fresh water to drink.

One Love. One People. One Fiji.

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